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New Greek Law.

A wave of more restrictive policies, more expensive minimum thresholds, and outright eliminations of programs has swept across the Continent in recent months.

Greece is one of the latest countries to follow suit. After weeks of vague statements and speculation about changes to its highly coveted golden visa program, the Ministry of Finance confirmed the new policies on March 21. The main takeaway is that the minimum thresholds for real estate investment have gone up. Specifically, they have increased from 500,000 to 800,000 euros for homes in Greece’s most popular and populated zones and from 250,000 to 400,000 euros everywhere else.

A handful of lower-cost real estate investment options remains available. If you buy a property that has been converted from commercial to residential or buy and restore a listed building, the minimum threshold remains at 250,000 euros.

Greece ranks in second place globally among 47 countries with 519 Blue Flag beaches. What is notable is that According to Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature (EEPF), 12 percent of the newly honoured winning beaches, out of the 47 countries that participated in the program, are in Greece.The international committee awarded this year 3,687 beaches, 679 marinas and 55 tourist boats across the world. In regards to the criteria of the program, that relates to how clean beaches and coasts are, the organisation of the beach, the security of visitors, the protection of nature and environmental sensitivity.

                                                                 Freeze on Property Tax in Greece Paid by the Seller!

Exciting news for the property market in Greece!  The government have taken action to boost sales in the housing market by freezing the property tax in Greece, which is imposed on sellers known as ‘Yperaxia’ for 2 years starting 1st January 2015 until 31st December 2016. Now extended.

The ‘Yperaxia’ property tax came into force in 1st January 2014 but it has not yielded the expected results and brought money into the economy so in a turnaround decision, it has been temporarily suspended.  This will hopefully encourage owners to reconsider selling their properties and get the market moving better.

This is excellent news especially for owners of properties in Greece who bought at a time when the property prices were relatively low and would have been facing a hefty bill in order to sell.  So now is the time to sell for owners to avoid the extra expense of paying property tax in Greece!!                        


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Good News for renters :   EOT License no longer required.

It now means with no EOT licence :-  No specifications needed :  All properties can rent : Do not require a business Renting Agreements via the Tax Department's Web App :  There are no limitations concerning how long you can rent. : Not a business : This also means that there is no need to pay insurance/pension but you cannot subtract the costs like spending from the taxes.

From January 1st 2014 the property tax when purchasing a property in Greece was reduced as part of a series of new laws & incentives announced by the Greek government.

They include substantially reducing the purchase tax paid by buyers of homes and land in Greece to the government.   Previously, property buyers were subjected to a Government purchase tax of between 8% on the first 20,000.00 Euro and 10% on the remaining amount of the purchase price of a house or a piece of land.

From January 1 2014 ,these taxes have been reduced to only 3% of the purchase price to encourage investment into the Greek property market. This is very good news for property buyers with possible huge money savings being made as a result.

In 2013, the Greek housing market saw an upturn in foreign clients wishing to invest in the country and the introduction of this lower property tax in Greece is expected to further attract overseas investment. With houses prices over the last few years dropping in price, it seems now is an excellent time to either make an investment and build or buy a home in Greece.

Property wise also, a change in the law means that anyone buying a property over 250000 € is assured of receiving a 5 year residence permit regardless of nationality. This opens the door to many and avoids long procedures without and assured result as we had in the past. Great news for all those buyers from outside of the European union.